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Arbor Launches New Software-Based Extension Arbor SP Insight

Arbor Networks, the security division of NETSCOUT, has announced Arbor SP Insight, a new software-based extension to its Arbor Networks SP platform (Arbor SP) that dramatically expands and enhances network operators’ traffic analytics and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack forensics capabilities.

The majority of the world’s internet service providers, along with data centre operators and large network operators, rely on Arbor Networks’ SP platform for network-wide visibility, DDoS detection, traffic engineering and advanced peering and transit analysis. Arbor SP helps these customers maintain peak service performance and availability, intelligently expand their network capacity, understand their operational costs and uncover new service opportunities.

With the launch of Arbor SP Insight, operators can further enhance their network visibility and make more informed operational, security and business decisions faster than ever before. Arbor SP Insight adds powerful new visual analytics and a big data repository to Arbor SP while preserving Arbor’s unique flow annotations and enrichment – giving users an infinitely searchable photographic memory of their traffic data with essential network context. Arbor SP Insight’s all-new interactive user interface tightly integrates with existing Arbor SP workflows for a near-zero learning curve and unified user experience, so users have the power and freedom to explore their data and reach conclusions faster and more intuitively.

“For years, service providers and global network operators have relied on Arbor SP for traffic visibility, capacity planning, and peering relationships, not to mention DDoS protection, and for these folks, the network is the business,” said Rik Turner, senior analyst at Ovum. “With the big data analytics capabilities of Arbor SP Insight, customers will now be able to understand what’s happening on their network like never before. We expect the ability to customise searches and report functionality within Arbor SP Insight to have an impact across the entire organisation, from the C-suite to services and marketing teams, and of course, network and security operations.”

Network Performance Optimisation

Arbor SP Insight enables service providers and global network operators to research impaired network performance events and reduce time to resolution of future events by quickly conducting wide-ranging and fine-grained root cause analysis on large sets of un-aggregated traffic data. Customers can also perform ‘What if’ analysis on their peering and transit traffic, driving new discoveries and proactive capacity planning and backbone engineering decisions that reduce costs and increase revenues.

DDoS Attack Forensics

Arbor’s unique flow annotations and enrichment create crucial context by matching Arbor SP Insight’s memory to Arbor SP’s knowledge of network topology, customers and traffic patterns – enabling users to conduct agile, multi-dimensional searches of their raw and enriched data with unlimited filtering, the ability to maintain granularity over time, detailed retrospective drill-downs and effortless pivots from graphical to tabular visualisations – all while maintaining state on the event and period of interest.

“Arbor SP Insight transforms an Arbor SP deployment into a rich data lake users can explore at the speed of thought to improve their overall network visibility, application and service performance. Arbor SP Insight’s flexible, unlimited and multi-dimensional analytics engine can answer a multitude of business questions, and uncover new insights about traffic and the underlying network. It stores all network flows, both raw and annotated, for as long as the customer needs to retain them for real-time or historical, unstructured analysis. You are limited only by your own imagination and the amount of disk space you allocate,” said Talbot Hack, Arbor Networks director of Product Management for DDoS & ISP Network Visibility.

Read the official press release from Arbor Networks here.

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