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Arbor Pravail APS Sales and User Administrator Training

Course Description:

The Arbor Pravail APS Sales and APS User and Administrator course covers how Pravail APS can be used to detect, analyse and mitigate various types of DDoS attacks. Attendees learn about distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and how to position the Pravail APS to prospects.

Pravail APS can also be used to protect critical resources and report on the details of an attack. Students learn how to install and configure Pravail APS in order to protect critical resources against both application and volumetric attacks. The available protection options and how they can be used to lessen the impact of attacks are covered in detail. Maintenance and troubleshooting tools and procedures are also covered.

Target Audience:

Channel partner, pre-sales and post-sales engineers responsible for the positioning and selling DDoS defence solutions and configuration and support of Pravail APS.


Instructor led technical training


2 ½ days

Course Topics:

  • DDoS and Arbor
  • DDoS Defence with Pravail APS
  • Positioning and Selling Pravail APS
  • Quoting and Ordering Pravail APS
  • Partnering with Arbor
  • DDoS Environment
  • DDoS Defence with Pravail APS
  • Monitoring an Attack
  • Inline Mitigation
  • Blocked Hosts, IP Location
  • Protection Levels
  • Prevention Basics
  • Protection Groups
  • Protecting Servers and Services
  • Engaging Cloud-Based Mitigation
  • Design and Best Practices
  • Systems Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • General Administrative Tasks

Upon Completion:

Participants should be able to :

  • Explain DDoS problem and Pravail APS Solution
  • Describe Pravail APS’s functionalities
  • Position and sell Pravail APS
  • Understand how to interact with Arbor Networks and the partner collateral available
  • Describe Pravail APS product functionality
  • Describe application level and volumetric attacks
  • Install and implement Pravail in various deployment models
  • Configure Protection Groups
  • Describe and configure the various Protection Settings that are available
  • Describe and configure Cloud Signalling
  • Produce the various reports that are available
  • Perform ongoing Pravail operations
  • Describe common maintenance and troubleshooting tools and procedures


Pravail® APS: Sales Training Online Module


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